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Tips for picking the right new car

Consumers are beginning to get back on track and the auto industry is benefiting, producing the best new car sales numbers since 2007. With more Americans purchasing vehicles, AAA recently offered tips for picking and paying for the right new car.

A number of consumers rushed to new car dealers to take advantage of deals that were being offered following auto shows across the country. However, AAA recommends that potential buyers determine what is affordable before purchasing and evaluate driving habits. Shoppers often purchase a vehicle that's not within their budget, placing them in a financial bind soon after securing the vehicle.

Listing needs that might be required and considering depreciation cost is also encouraged in addition to looking at pricing options and reviewing warrant and maintenance costs.

"Today's consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to picking a new vehicle, but that also means the selection process can be much more difficult," said John Nielsen, AAA's director of automotive engineering and repair. "There are numerous factors to consider, many of which take place long before a buyer ever hits a car lot."

According to, light vehicle sales are expected to total 1.4 million, a 23 percent increase from February, showing more Americans are applying for auto loans to purchase new cars.

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