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Car care delays prove costly

Auto owners who are looking to have their car at its top performance during the spring and summer months are encouraged to receive auto maintenance now instead of waiting, which can prove to be costly for motorists.

According to the National Car Care Council, about 70 percent of vehicles on the road are in need of some repair, and StockMarketsReview revealed that 40 percent of consumers involved in repair decisions are postponing car maintenance on their primary vehicle.

"Maintaining and replacing key components such as brakes and batteries at proper intervals can keep vehicles on the road and help prevent dangerous and costly breakdowns in the future. The key is to be proactive. Take care of your car so it can take care of you," said Jimmie Swims, AutoZone's category manager for brakes.

Whether it's for financial reasons or simply procrastination, delaying maintenance on vehicles can prove to cost drivers more in the long run.

With new car sales increasing drastically in March, the number of Americans who applied for an auto loan, less vehicles are expected to be in need of repair.

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