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Dealer Products for Auto Loans When you go in to take out an auto loan at your local dealership there is a lot that they may throw at you which could very easily result in some poor decision making. Very often when you are going through the final stages of getting your auto loan approved the dealer is going to throw some offers at you. Sometimes it could be something good that you should consider, but for others it will be something completely different that could just be a waste of your money.

If you are taking out a bad credit used car loan then you definitely have to make sure that you are making all of the right decisions. Otherwise you can very easily end up in a lot of trouble in the future. Here will be some of the offers that you may come across both good and bad.

Good Offers to Consider

Gap Insurance - With a small down payment or financing terms over 36 months this is an offer that could be a very smart decision.

Extended Warranty - It really is a service contract and it can save you a lot of money if you are financing past the new car warranty period. If you are purchasing a used car then you will definitely want to look into it because there is probably little to no warranty. Contrary to what is said at times it will not be required at all though.

Dangerous Offers to Run From

Window Etching - This is going to involve etching the VIN number onto the windows of the vehicle. It is going to be a few hundred dollars and is completely unnecessary.

Prep Fees - You don't hear about this scam very often anymore, but every once in awhile you come across someone trying to pull off this scam. It is something that you absolutely should walk away from if the dealer will not remove it because it is a complete waste since it is already included in the MSRP.

Now that you know what are some of the most common offers that you are going to come across it is easy to know what you should stay away from and what you should possibly sign up for. Hopefully you have learned something at and if you still have not received an auto loan we can help with our free, simple application to get a loan near you with any credit score!

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