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Nothing is better than buying a brand new car, but most of us don't get to do that in today's economy. This is why we are going to default to purchasing a used car which still can be a very great purchase. If you want to purchase one of the higher quality used cars though you will want to open up the wallet a bit compared to most used cars and that is when you would want to look into easy online financing for a used car which truly is one of the easiest things that you can do to get a car.

How it Works

Financing a used car is not exactly simple with any type of credit whether good or bad if you go through your local bank or credit union. Not any reason on your part just typically they are lower amounts and the banks do not see it as worth their time. This is why there are services like ours to help you out. We are not lenders, but what we do is find you the best possible loan that you can receive according to your specific situation.

For example, you fill out an application and from there it is sent off to be reviewed by our expert team. This is where we see where your credit is, factor in your income, any previous problems such as a bankruptcy or repossession, and figure out which dealer or lender in the area will be best suited to get you pre approved for the best amount. Isn't that great? Best of all it is not going to cost you a single dime to apply.

Side Affects

Easy Online Financing for a Used CarThere is one side affect that will come along that you should be aware of. These loans are typically for those who have poor credit since they need the most help and you are going to be able to raise your credit score through this method. You are not going to be set up with some kind of buy here pay here/pay weekly type of deal, so wherever you do get approved will be reporting back to the credit bureaus. Since we make sure to get you the most affordable loan possible you should not have to worry about if you are going to struggle in making payments, but just keep in mind that since they are reporting back you can further damage your credit as well. Just be sure that you are ready and if it is time to purchase a quality used automobile then you will not find an easier way to make that happen than applying for easy online financing through FundingWay.com!

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Do you meet the basic qualifications?

  • At least 1 year with current employer
  • A minimum income of $1,500 per month
  • No repossesions within the last year
  • Any bankruptcies must be discharged
  • Money down may be required, but not in all cases
  • Must be a current resident of the U.S. or Canada