Everything That You Need To Know About Title Loans

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  2. Everything That You Need To Know About Title Loans
There is a very risky way to get some extra cash and that is through a car title loan. Many people see this as an easy way to get some dough in their pocket for a short amount of time, but there are some things that you should know before you would ever take action in this way. While it may sound like a great, quick solution you will very soon see that it will probably be a huge error unless you are desperately in need of some quick cash in your hands.

We also do not offer people car title loans here if you are looking for that, but we will offer auto loans online if that is something that would be of help to you. With many years in this business though we have learned a lot and have seen only frustration and pain coming from car title or payday loans.

How Payday Loans will Work

Title LoansBasically here is a quick rundown of how the process will go through; you will go in and take out a loan by putting up your paid off car as collateral. These loans will vary within a price range of about $150-$2,500, so not huge but enough to get you going if you are in a rough spot and in desperate need. They will run on about a 30 day time span sometimes you can rollover, but not always it will depend on the lender that you are dealing with. The max interest rate will vary depending on the specific state laws, but be wary because they are not regulated as strict as will be car loans.

Keep this fact in mind that sometimes they can get as high as 30% interest which is simply outrageous and an origination fee can be tacked on as well. Also partial payments are typically not accepted so it is all or nothing and if you are dealing with a lender that will not let you roll over then that can quickly put you in a sticky situation and in danger of having your vehicle repossessed.

The End Result

The bottom line of this whole situation is if it is truly necessary for you then go for it, but know that it will be a big risk. Especially if you default on the loan you will be losing a vehicle that is very likely worth a whole lot more than whatever you received in the loan amount. If you do wish to find one of these lenders they can typically be found in storefront locations that offer check cashing services or also pawn services as well. With the best of luck we hope that all goes well in any course of action that you may take for your financial future.

Car Loan Auto Financing Online

Do you meet the basic qualifications?

  • At least 1 year with current employer
  • A minimum income of $1,500 per month
  • No repossesions within the last year
  • Any bankruptcies must be discharged
  • Money down may be required, but not in all cases
  • Must be a current resident of the U.S. or Canada