Online Security Requires More Than A Secure Certificate

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Most financial institutions and online auto loan applications websites utilize 128 bit secure socket layer technology, to encrypt your personal data as it transmitted from the online auto loan application to a database stored on a server.

If a site does not use this minimal level of online protection, we at recommend that you not send any of your personal information to them. According to Microsoft® you can tell you're visiting a secure website if: secure website

If you are visiting the website with a secure connection, you will be able to identify the website through the site's certificate. A secure or encrypted website address will begin with HTTPS rather than HTTP, and you will often see some sort of icon in the browser such as a padlock indicating that the website is secure. Secure connections use certificates to identify the website and to encrypt your connection so that it will be more difficult for a hacker to view.

Scanning for Security Threats

The technology team at is top notch. We employ over 25 full time web developers at our corporate headquarters in Auburn Hill, MI. Even though we have such a resourceful staff, we have chosen to add another layer of security for consumers that trust us enough to complete an auto loan via our secure online application.

Our servers are tested daily by McAfee®, an Intel® Company.

In order to maintain the McAfee SECURE Trustmark, the device and any associated domain(s) hosted on it must have been audited within the past 72 hours, and all vulnerabilities categorized as Urgent, Critical, or High severity (Level 3 or greater) must have been remediated within 72 hours of their discovery.

McAfee Audit

Sites which are McAfee SECURE are tested daily to pass all external vulnerability audit recommendations of the Department of Homeland Security's National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC), the SANS/FBI Top 20 Internet Security Vulnerabilities list as well as the vulnerability audit requirements of Visa's CISP and AIS, MasterCard's SDP, American Express' DSS and Discover Card's DISC security standards.

McAfee SECURE sites are also certified to be in compliance with the network perimeter security criteria mandated in such regulations as: the Health Insurance Portability

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