Watch Out For Dealer Scams When Buying A Used Car

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Watch Out for Dealer ScamsIf you are purchasing a used car it tends to not be too difficult of a process and many people will not mind it that much. It is actually pretty exciting and that happens anytime that you are looking to making a large payment typically. Like every large purchase though there are going to be some more stressful aspects to it. If you are buying a car then you have already guessed that other than the price tag the stressful aspect is going to be when you have to deal with the dealers. Sometimes you will get lucky and have a dealer that is not going to try and scam you, but there will be a lot of them out there that are just looking to get as much from you as they can.

Preparing Yourself

One of the largest problems that people complain about is getting into a contract that they are unable to pay back. Unfortunately this tends to be a very common issue for people, but it is not one that you have to go through even if you have a poor credit background. You just have to be prepared and know exactly what is your strengths and weaknesses before you go in to work with the dealer.

The best first step that you can take will be to figure out exactly what your credit score is. There are many services that for a fee will be able to pull your reports for you, but keep in mind that you are entitled to one free credit score report check per year, so that will be a great service to look into before applying for local car financing. This way you are not going to walk in and be surprised or the dealer can not make you think that you have a lower credit score just to jack up your interest rates on you.

Another step in preparing yourself for an affordable auto loan will be to review your budget and make sure that you are fully aware of what you can and can not afford to purchase. This is going to be more than just the initial car purchase because most people only factor in that and end up purchasing something too expensive. You have to take into consideration it's fuel economy and how much gas you typically use, also insurance payments should be kept in mind as well.

Things to Look Out For

You will also want to keep a lookout for different dealer services that could save you some money as well. As often as there are going to be services that truly may be of assistance there will also be ones that are going to hurt you as well. Examples of both will be:

  • Good: Gap insurance in certain circumstances such as the loan being in the 60-72 month range and having less than 20% down on the car can save you a lot of money.
  • Bad: Dealers will try to get you to sign up for window etching, rust-proofing, paint protection, and etc. All which will just be unnecessary things that will cost you that you do not need.

Finding the Right Dealer

Taking all of this information in, it is easy to ask the question "where can I find a good dealer?" Well we can help those out who need a bit of assistance. exists to help supply you with information and to also help you to get approved for a loan with poor credit at great dealerships in your area. So if you know that you need to get approved for an auto loan and also want to make sure that you get set up with a dealership that will treat you well then fill out an application and let us help you out today!

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