Used Car Loans for Bad Credit

A poor credit history can, for many consumers, seem like an insurmountable obstacle when attempting to finance a new or used car.

There are a number of reasons for poor credit:

  • Past bankruptcy
  • Used Car Repossesion
  • Used Car Loan Default

Each of these can drag a FICO score below the 640 mark as well as result in a poor auto credit history. As a result, for credit challenged car shoppers, vehicle financing may seem nearly impossible.

Used Car Loan - What does it mean?

A poor credit history can mean a new opportunity for many of these same car buyers. If you happen to be one of them, one of your options is Fundingway, where some of the best used car loans for bad credit specialists will match you up with a car dealer in your area that works with a wide array of subprime lenders. These dealers can help you get approved for a used car loans for bad credit. Their subprime automotive finance department will work with you to find financing at the most competitive rates and, once approved, will start you on the road to a better credit history.

Used car loans for bad credit is specially designed for consumers that have less than perfect credit. This type of loan enables bad credit car shoppers to get their vehicle at competitive (for their credit score) rates while reestablishing their credit and raising their credit scores. Although these bad credit car loans usually carry higher than normal interest rates, paying them off in a timely fashion means that you will soon be able to qualify for lower interest rates. Another advantage of used car loans for bad credit is that most of the time there is no co-signer needed. These no co-signer car loans can help you establish your own credit without the need to reveal your credit history to someone else.

Bad Credit Car Loans for Any Type of Credit?

Although for consumers, with too low of a credit score, it almost becomes impossible to get approved with normal car loan lenders (who are very strict about credit checks), don't believe for a minute that a buy here pay here or tote the note car lot is the only answer. This may be the reason why car loans without credit check are becoming more and more popular these days, but there's a catch to these loans. A no credit check car loan might seem helpful when you are afraid to show your credit history, but taking on one of these loans will not help you raise your credit score or qualify for a better interest rate the next time you go car shopping. These car dealers don't report to the credit bureaus and your good payment history with them will remain a secret the next time you want to finance a car.

Bad credit shouldn't keep you away from driving a solid, dependable vehicle. With used car loans for bad credit, you can drive a nice car, truck, van, or SUV while establishing or re-establishing your credit.

While we can't guarantee that every case will be approved, we do recommend meeting as many of the following requirements to insure the best possible opportunity for becoming successfully financed.