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Extra Steps to Credit Repair If you start looking online you are going to find a million and one ways that people are going to claim you are able to repair your credit score. There will also be just as many companies claiming that they have the secret to repairing your credit score. Of course we all know that the easiest way is to take out a bad credit used car loan but those tend to come few and far between for most people. While there are a lot of false answers out there that you may believe will give you the result you need, they may not actually. There are some steps out there that you can take other than financing an auto loan that may get you to that better credit score you are seeking out.

Becoming an Authorized User

It is likely that you have either never heard of becoming an authorized user or that you have but do not know the details of it. An authorized user can be defined as a person that is added to a credit card of a specific account holder. By adding someone with bad credit to the account of someone who does have a good credit score will have positive affects in at least two specific ways:

  1. The good credit activity will start showing up on the authorized user's reports.
  2. The second line of credit will increase the authorized user's available credit while also it will lower the debt ratio as well.

Know that this will all be done through the credit agency and they will usually solicit specific credit card owners who have good credit scores. So this is something that you can sign up for, but most likely will not happen right away. Also you should know that you have absolutely no access to the credit card holder%u2019s credit reports and will not be able to use their credit card. You will just be able to enjoy the positive feedback rolling onto your credit score.


The major issue that can arise since the credit card holder's activity is going to be reflected onto your credit score that if they start to let their credit score slip then yours will too. Hopefully that will not happen since they have shown a good record and already built a positive credit background, but it is a risk that you will take.

You can weigh the options, but know it is always best to apply for auto financing and if you think that it isn't possible then you haven't tried through us here at FundingWay.com. We have helped thousands upon thousands to get much better credit through bad credit auto loans at local dealerships and there is no reason why you should be an exception, so apply today to see what we can do to help you!

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